Sonixcursions:020 Podcast – Favorites of 2021, Part 1

Sonixcursions podcast 20

Welcome to part one of my two-part favorites of 2021 episode. As we wind down this insane year and look toward 2022, I’ll be playing 10 tracks on this part one and 10 on part two, so relax and enjoy the finest outersounds of the past 12 months.

Track Listing

All India Radio “Don’t Turn Around (feat Yin)” (0:00) – the opening track off of one of my favorite albums of the year, Afterworld.

Andrew Wasylyk “Magpie Spring” (3:10) – a warped and groovy number from the album Balgay Hill: Morning in Magnolia on Clay Pipe Music.

Stellarays “Baby Bees” (6:45) – a new band that started releasing material this year, this song is from their album Cosmopollinators on Castles In Space. And yes, I’m one of those people that subscribed to the CiS Subscription Library so they could get the album 🙂

Ear Travelling Program “Multicoloured Seahorses and Seadragons” (10:45) – from the album Underwater Functions and Echosounders. Ear Travelling Program is Centeio, co-founder of Prisma Sonora and also member of Stellarays.

Atelier Radiofónico “Aerial” (14:10) – from the album L’Émission.

The Landscape Pavilion “Mysterious Paper Airplane” (18:05) – from the album Introducing Music You Can Watch.

Ben Holton (Birds In The Brickwork) “June (Blurred Fields)” (22:08) – A new music project from the founding member of epic45. He recently released an album of 12 tracks, one for each month, along with a corresponding print calendar. Stay tuned for more from Ben in 2022.

The Green Kingdom “Cloud Forest” (24:48) – from the album Imaginary Habitats. Michael Cottone was very busy in 2021 putting out no less that 5 releases, each one building on the previous one. It was hard to find just one track to play, there were so many to choose from!

Astral Brain “Midsummer’s Lullaby” (27:35) – a duo out of Sweden that provided some much needed sonic relief to the end of year blues with their album The Bewildered Mind.

Robin Guthrie “Starfish Prime” (32:30) – Robin released two EPs and a full-length album towards the end of the year, and this is from the Riviera EP.

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Stay safe & sane out there…

Ryan Anderson

Author: Ryan Anderson

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