Sonixcursions:025 Podcast

Sonixcursions 025 Podcast

It’s been a while. To say that 2023 has been pretty much a disaster for me so far would be a massive understatement. Thankfully there’s plenty of amazing music floating around to help me get by. I wanted to get this out for the holiday weekend here in the US, and the extended track list should fit the bill nicely.

Track Listing

Holy Wave “Nothing in the Dark” (0:00) – from the album Five of Cups

Ulrika Spacek “It Will Come Sometime” (4:55) – from the album Compact Trauma

Pia Fraus “Regret Everything” (8:30) – from the album Evening Colours

Black Sand “Daydream” (12:18) – from the EP Daydream

Lazy Salon “Cassia” (17:00) – from the album Bellis

A Journey of Giraffes “Little Flower on a Stone” (20:20) – from the album Empress Nouveau on Somewherecold records.

Fallen “Silent Night in the Village” (22:35) – from the album The Floating World

Estrella del Sol “Corriente de Agua” (27:30) – from the album Figura de Cristal

Jet Jaguar + Adrien75 “Summer Hours” (29:00) – from the album Small Blue Micro Textured

Entidad Animada “Teorías” (36:35) – from the album Pruebas de Existencia

As always thanks for listening… Take care and stay sane out there…

Ryan Anderson

Author: Ryan Anderson

My name is Ryan Anderson, music aficionado, technologist, and former editor/publisher of Masstransfer zine. I’ve been following these genres for almost 25 years now and these are my favorite bands and albums.

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