Sonixcursions:019 Podcast

Sonixcursions 19 Podcast

It’s summer here in the northern hemisphere, and things are slowly opening up after the long pandemic lockdowns. This episode has been a few weeks in the making, and includes new and upcoming retrofuturistic jazz and electronic music, a smattering of ambient and soft synth arpeggios, and closing out with the dramatic post-rock of veterans Fly Pan Am.

Find an easy chair and let your mind unwind.

Track Listing

D Rothon “Eight Million Miles High” (0:00) -from the new album entitled Memories of Earth on Clay Pipe Music.

The Pattern Forms “The Scenic Route” (3:14) -a project from musician Jon Brooks that integrates the sound of harpist Tom Moth – not something you hear very much of these days.

Concretism “Red, Green, Blue” (7:50) -from the album Tellifusion – “an homage to the obsolete television technology that has faded into history” – on the Castles In Space label.

Colleen “Revelation” (12:30) -from one my favorite new releases, The Tunnel and the Clearing on Thrill Jockey.

Ishmael Cormack “Yellowstone” (18:22) – an electro-acoustic sound artist from England, from his latest release Many Wild Things on the Slow Music Movement label.

Light Humidity “Autumn’s Refuge” (21:40) -a joint venture between musicians Jason T Lameroux of the Corrupting Sea and Paul Rhodes of Your Gaze. From the upcoming release Liquid on the Somewherecold label.

Fly Pan Am “Body Pressure” (26:10) – classic Montréal post-rockers who’ve returned from an extended hiatus. From their latest album Frontera.

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Stay sane out there!