Masstransfer Zine

masstransfer zine issue 5The Masstransfer zine arose in the late 1990’s as an independent voice covering space rock, dreampop, shoegaze, ambient, electronic, and more. An international set of writers and musicians put together 6 print issues, each of which also included a compilation CD featuring many of the bands in the issue.

A few of the bands splashed across the pages of the zine are still around in some shape or form. Out now is a book, entitled Masstransfer: A Zinethology, which goes deeper into the story behind the zine and compiles all of the music content from across the issues. It has been published first as an e-book, with a print edition to follow shortly.

For now, I’ll be posting Masstransfer << Rewind articles on this site, and playing some throwback tracks on the podcast.

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