Random Orbitings – July 8, 2020

A ton of new music is rolling through the doors of Sonixcursions HQ – and I’ve been absorbing it over the long (and hot) weekend here in the states. Most of it has been in the ambient and analog electronic vein, which seems to stretch time out even further when you’re lying in the sun.

To mark this strange season – where it’s really nice outside, yet the ominous cloud of a global pandemic and a toxic political environment make it difficult to fully enjoy – I’ve started a series of mixes on Mixcloud to offer a soundtrack to the “festivities” (more about that below).


Take a virtual deep-sea diving session with Polypores, on Mr. Stephen James Buckley’s latest release Azure. The music here veers toward the aquatic – gentle arpeggios float along the currents, waves and washes follow the tides, echoes from undersea worlds beckon to be explored.

Constant rain during the recording sessions may have played a role in creating this bathysphere: “I was also able to immerse myself in various books, films, and documentaries related to the ocean, particularly the mythology and lore surrounding it”, say Mr. Buckley. It’s well worth the submersion.

J. Zunz

Lorena Quintanilla of Lorelle Meets the Obsolete is back with her second solo effort under the J.Zunz, due out in late August. The result of a period of “personal crisis inside and political crisis outside”, Hibiscus represents a more minimal state, highlighted by repetitive electronics and “eerie ambient textures” – a project partly inspired by reading a John Cage biography. 

For now, we are treated to the first single, “Y” and this video:

Gilroy Mere

Gilroy Mere AdlestropAnother fascinating artifact from the brilliant Clay Pipe Music has come across my radar, this one from Gilroy Mere (a.k.a. Oliver Cherer) titled Adlestrop – an aural homage, in folky hauntological glory, to rural train stations slated for closure in the 1963 Beeching Report. Many of the songs are based on field recordings taken by Oliver as he traveled across the country, then brought back to the studio where he “crafted musical responses to each station, trying to capture the ghosts and former lives of the stations and their imprint on the present.”

The album’s official release is July 24, though most of the initial run of 600 vinyl copies (which include a cardboard cutout of a train station) are pretty much sold out by this point.

#SummerOfDystopia Mixes

I recently started a new series of sundrenched mixes on Mixcloud, featuring classic tracks from futures past along with the hottest hits from yesterday’s tomorrow. The first volume is out now, and I’ll be adding more over the next few weeks. Enjoy!

This one includes: Landing, The Advisory Circle, Black Moth Super Rainbow, Adrien75, Listening Center, Kosmischer Laufer, Lorelle Meets The Obsolete, The Asteroid No. 4, and All In The Golden Afternoon

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading, and be sure to subscribe to the Sonixcursions Podcast to hear these and other great bands, and until next time, pleasant orbitings