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sonixcursions podcast 22The existential dread meter is running high these days, and listening to music is one of the only things that can take my mind off the news. Here’s a half-hour break from the daily grind with a selection of kosmische, ambient, electronic and radiophonic tunes pulled from the latest releases.

Track Listing

The Soundcarriers “At The Time” (0:00) – their first new music in eight years, from the album Wilds.

Sankt Otten “Hymne der melancholischen Programmierer” (4:00) – from their upcoming album Symmetrie und Wahnsinn which will be out at the end of March.

The Prison Of Winners “Chip Error” (8:15) – a collaboration between Dave Mason of listening center and Martin Jensen from the home current. This is from an amazing two CD set that was put out recently on the Polytechnic youth label.

Flipping Candy “Searching For UFO’s In The Backyard” (12:40) –sci-fi infused radiophonica, on the Prisma Sonora label out of Portugal

Cate Brooks “Blemishes” (17:40) – from her recent release Chalk Sketches.

Salvatore Mercatante “Slope” (20:15) – off his recent release Upper on the Werra Foxma label

The Silent Treatment “7 p.m. (Still Hot)” (23:25) –new ambient music sent in from France, off their debut release I.

Camino Sound “Joule” (36:42) – an epic track from their recent self-titled EP.

As always thank you for listening. Take care, and take some time to consider those facing humanitarian catastrophe across the globe and what you can do to send aid where it is needed.

Ryan Anderson

Author: Ryan Anderson

My name is Ryan Anderson, music aficionado, technologist, and former editor/publisher of Masstransfer zine. I’ve been following these genres for almost 25 years now and these are my favorite bands and albums.

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