Random Orbitings – November 6, 2020

Today is another Bandcamp Friday – and here’s a rundown of the music I’m tracking and looking to pick up today. Check them out if you can! (This is not an exhaustive list, just what I was able to put together this morning)

Fly Pan Am

Montreal post-rock legends return for an extending single, “Mirror Cracks Seeking Interiority“, on their home label Constellation. As part of “Corona Borealis“, Constellation’s first-ever digital series, the label will be releasing “16 artists with new longplaying singles and accompanying experimental film/video, commissioned as part of our pandemic/post-capitalist response for label-affiliated musicians under current conditions.”

FPA saw their 2020 UK/EU tour (their first in 15 years) cancelled, and have been trading music files and ideas during the lockdown. This is the 6th single in the series.

Fly Pan Am | “Mirror Cracks Seeking Interiority” from Constellation Records on Vimeo.

Camino Sound

New Jersey’s Camino Sound return for their second album this year, Ruby Casino – out today. Members of the band have been quite busy lately, and if you want to know more, then Take A Ride With Camino Sound.


My favorite South American space-folk duo Bosques are back with their first new album in 6 years. Entitled Invocación, the album presents a cosmic folk sound that will slow down time and cause you to examine the clouds in the sky.


Ever pushing the envelope with innovative ideas, experimental electronic and ambient musician Adrien75 offers up 2 new music projects.

First off is an ongoing project throughout the month, part of the greater Noisevember initiative, now in its 7th year. “One track will be recorded each day of November”, says Adrien – and the first few have coincided with the US election, which is reflected in the content.

Also out today is a collaboration with Tim Koch, known as Dolphins Of Venice. Adrien explains, “Tom Koch and I put our heads together and made a one hour tapestry of sound by weaving his granular sampling experiments with my ambient guitar drones. As an added bonus, Psoma Psi Phi label head Brian Grainger provides as complimentary text, a sci-fi short story in the silver age tradition!”

White Flowers

This English band put out possibly my favorite track of the year earlier in 2020, and I’m excited for their new EP Within A Dream. There was a clear vinyl pressing of 300 that was up for pre-sale that are now all sold out, but as a consolation here’s a video for the title track:

A Year In The Country – The Quietened Dream Palace

Yet another fine release on the way from the prolific label/project A Year In The Country (out on November 17). This time around, they commemorate and explore “closed down cinemas, including those which have been abandoned, become derelict, reopened as something new or demolished and there is little or no trace of any more.”

The compilation includes the recurring cast of hauntological celebs, like Field Lines Cartographer, Listening Center, Vic Mars and Heartwood Institute – along with a few new ones.


One of those recurring artists is Pulselovers, the electronic guise of Mat Handley – the fellow who is also behind the fantastic Woodford Halse Tapes label, which I am actively exploring lately.

Later today, the English label Do It Thissen will release a 10-inch lathe cut edition of the new EP Northern Minimalism 2, “Nearly 20 minutes of minimal electronica/synthwave”. Only a few will be available, apparently around 6:12pm (GMT) – so I’ll need to get out my time calculator so I don’t miss it!

To build up your excitement, here’s a vid for one of the tracks:

Giants of Discovery

This is a new artist I discovered while perusing the Woodford Halse page on Bandcamp, and picked up today. Inspired by the “incredible paintings by French artist, Jean-Pierre Ugarte. His depiction of these impossibly gigantic, Brutalist, edifices really caught my imagination.” Definitely down the ambient/electronic/soundscape/hauntology path.

Please support these musicians if you can. Music provides a much needed respite and escape from news and visual clutter these days. Just put on some music, close your eyes and let your mind drift – even for a short while.

Ryan Anderson

Author: Ryan Anderson

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