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Welcome to the inaugural episode of Sonixcursions – for our first trip, I’ve selected a number of bands who have been consistently producing stellar outersounds for over 20 years. Many of the bands on this episode can be traced back to the very early issues of the Masstransfer zine – starting with the opener Adrien75 (who Is Still Alive) and the lunar/tropical vibe of “Hawaiian Ring Drum Rum”; plus a throwback track from the band Seely; the dreamy electronics of Lazy Salon (Sean Byrne of Lenola/Twin Atlas); and the California-via-Philly psycountry rockers The Asteroid #4.

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Back From Beyond

For any of you out there who had followed the Outersound Underground site and podcast may have noticed it’s been off the air for a few months now. The last podcast went out at the very tail end of last year, and sometime in April the site had gotten hacked (it was a WordPress site after all) and the event gave me the chance to rethink the direction of the whole thing.

Coinciding with all of this, last year turned out to be the 20th anniversary of launching the Masstransfer fanzine – back in 1997. This caused me to reflect on all the music and bands from that scene, and realized that a good many them are either still together in some form, or their constituent players continue to record and perform.

This brings me to the new site, – with a podcast that pulls from 20+ years of Masstransfer and Outersound tracks, focusing on bands that are standing the test of time, with a dash of throwbacks. The first episode will be posted in a few days, and if you’re familiar with the scene, many of the artists will be friendly to your ears. If you’re new to this realm of the sonicontinuum, they will be just as friendly.

Masstransfer << Rewind: Seely

This article was originally published in the first issue of Masstransfer, 1997.

With a style that fits somewhere in between the math-rock time signatures of Polvo and the dreamy textures of Windy & Carl, Atlanta’s Seely has opened eyes on both side of the Atlantic. The band was formed two years ago by the nucleus of guitarists Steven Satterfield and Lori Scacco, with the rhythm section of Joy Waters and Eric Taylor being added shortly after. They recently played at the venerable Lounge Ax in Chicago with a set consisting of 9 songs. Seely opened with “Exploring the Planets” off their latest album on U.K.’s Too Pure label, “Julie Only”, an album that had me mesmerized from start to finish. Prior to “Julie Only”, the band had released an album entitled “Parentha See”, on the American label Third Eye. That project stirs mixed feelings from the band because of friction between them and the label’s owner. Most of the tracks from that album were re-recorded in Chicago with the help John McEntire, ending up on “Julie Only”. They followed with some songs off their forthcoming album: “Adios”, a mellow instrumental; “Love Letters to Rambler”; “Consumer Pet”; “It’s Your Day Karen”; “The Sandpiper”; “How to live Like A Kings’s Kid”, another track from their current album; “San Salvadore”, an unreleased track to be included on an upcoming compilation CD; and finally, “Like White”.

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